Music Lessons 2023

In addition to music classes and co-curricular musical opportunities within the College, the Music Department provides outstanding instrumental and vocal tuition through the Itinerant Music Programme. All our tutors are leading musicians in their own right and offer a host of expertise and guidance to students who share this passion.

Lessons are available for the following instruments:

EuphoniumAlto SaxophoneViolinDrum Kit
French HornTenor SaxophoneViolaPercussion
TromboneBaritone SaxophoneCelloSinging
TrumpetBass ClarinetDouble Bass
TubaBassoonGuitar - Beginner

ClarinetGuitar - Intermediate

FluteGuitar - Advanced

OboeBass Guitar

Private lessons

Private student lessons are available to further study piano and guitar. Lessons are $35 per hour. Please email Alice Kang [email protected] for piano inquiries, and Kathleen Tomacruz [email protected] for guitar lessons.


The cost for music lessons is $350 per instrument per year, plus a one-off, $100 per student admin fee for groups, excluding Music Institute and choirs. 

For more information about Music Lessons please contact Mrs Julia Burdon