Life as a Boarder

Life as a boarder is full of surprises, academia, lifelong friendships, culture, arts and sport, with the Sacred Heart College values underpinning everything we do. Our Headmaster oversees all aspects of the Hostel, with daily management carried out by the Deputy Headmaster - Boarding and staff.

Our Hostel's Mission Statement is

"To provide a residential Catholic, Marist and Champagnat community that develops our students' faith, academic potential, leadership, sporting, and cultural excellence. Sacred Heart College delivers a safe and inclusive environment, supported in brotherhood, preparing students for the ever-changing world."

Daily Timetable for Boarders
Weekdays (excluding Fridays for Weekend Leave)
7.00am & 7.10am Wake up bells in dormitories for showers, breakfast and school
8.00amBreakfast in the dining room (a snack for interval is also provided)
8.45amSchool begins
12.50pmLunch provided in the dining room
3.15pmEnd of school and afternoon snack provided  in the dining room
4.00pmYears 8-10 boarders must leave dormitories for extra-curricular activities
5.00pmYears 8-10 dormitories open for showers
5.40pm Dinner in the dining room
Mondays 6.30pm to 7pmHostel Liturgy in the Chapel
Mondays 7pm  to 8.30pmSupervised study in school classrooms
Tues-Thurs 6.30pm to 8.15pmSupervised study in dormitories
8.15pm  to 8.30pmSupper for all boarders in the dining room
8.55pm to 9.15pmYears 8-10 showers, roll call and meeting before lights out
9.00pm - 9.20pmYear 11 showers, roll call and meeting before lights out
9.10 - 9.30pmYears 12 & 13 showers, roll call and meeting before lights out

Weekends (excluding Sundays for returns from Weekend Leave)
8am and 9amSaturday & Sunday Breakfast in the dining room
10.00amMorning co-curricular activities or supervised duties & activities
12.30pmLunch in the dining room
1.30pmAfternoon co-curricular activities or supervised activities
3.00pmAfternoon snack in the dining room
5.15pmSHC Community Mass in the Chapel
6.00pmDinner in the dining room for boarders
8.00pmSunday Boarders Service in the Chapel
9.00pmYears 8 - 10 evening meeting before lights out 
9.30pmYears 11 - 13 evening meeting before lights out
What to expect


Boarders share a unique bond throughout their boarding years, and those friendships will stay with them throughout their life. This sense of brotherhood is shared with boys at all levels of the College, whether boys are day students or boarders.


To pay tribute to our history and school values, Community Mass is celebrated in the Chapel every Saturday evening. Boarders who remain in the Hostel over the weekend play a significant role in supporting these times. We welcome families of boarders to join us. Year levels in each dormitory also gather to lead prayers every weekday evening before bedtime.

Sport, Art and Culture

Sports, Art and Culture are an integral part of Sacred Heart. Boarders are expected to participate in at least two co-curricular activities year round, to take full advantage of the wonderful facilities the College has to offer. The chosen activity may facilitate transport arrangements, otherwise, parents and caregivers will be financially responsible.


All meals are catered in our spacious dining hall. The menu is nutritious, varied and plentiful. It adapts to reflect seasonal produce and to accommodate weather conditions. Menus are rotated on a monthly cycle, but usually follow a similar guideline: breakfast options are both continental and cooked, including cereal, fruit and hot food, lunch is both a cooked and cold, with a large salad and fresh fruit servery, and dinner includes a cooked dish, fresh vegetables and dessert.

Holidays and weekends

The Hostel is closed during the school holidays and public holiday weekends, and all boarders must find alternative accommodation during these times. We advise of dates in advance to ensure plenty of time to plan arrangements for the break. Holiday dates must be honoured, and arrangements not made for outside these times – to maximise school time and learning opportunities.

Boarders are welcome to leave the Hostel for a weekend to go home, or to stay with friends or relatives. 


All boarders partake in supervised study sessions throughout the school week, with an emphasis on personal responsibility for achievement and success.


Balanced with traditional teaching and learning methods, technology plays an integral role in learning at Sacred Heart. To support this, Boarders may bring in their own devices for the purpose of learning. Stand-alone monitors and gaming devices are not permitted in the dormitories. Parents and caregivers need to ensure that all devices are covered by their household insurance and each individual boarder is responsible for the security of their own devices.

All boarding houses have access to Wi-Fi. To maintain cyber-safety, students must connect using only the school network – no other provision is accepted. 

Boarders may bring mobile phones to the Hostel. During the week, boys in Years 8 - 10 hand in their phones each evening and when their room is tidied each morning they are returned before breakfast the following day. Boys have possession of their phones over the weekend. In all other Year levels, phones are the individual's responsibility, but they must abide by the school's rules. 

Support services

Boarders have access to our on-site Health Centre 24 hours a day. The centre is staffed by a registered nurse during school hours, and a Hostel matron or supervisor during evenings and weekends.  If a student requires any medication, this will be stored in the Health Centre and  administered under the supervision of staff. 

The Hostel also has an on-site laundry where  staff regularly wash, dry and iron boarders’ clothes.

Boarding Enrolment
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International Students
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