Learning Support

At Sacred Heart College, we cultivate a nurturing learning environment where students feel empowered, supported and motivated to reach their full potential, ensuring the learning needs of every single student are met.

Following the principles of inclusiveness and the Universal Design for Learning framework, we use creative and innovative tools and strategies to navigate the learning needs of each of our students, whether that be learning difficulties, language barriers or the need for extension learning.

Our learning support services are available to every student at Sacred Heart. Some students may require assistance for an hour, and others may have a long-term need and will use the service throughout their entire time at the College. In every case, support is provided so students can gradually withdraw from the assistance as their independence and confidence grow.

The Learning Support team can offer the following support services:

  • Academic assessments, including LASS/LUCID/ABILITY/EXACT
  • In-classroom support for teachers and students
  • Individualised assessment and tutoring for literacy skills
  • Digital learning
  • Provision of special exam conditions
  • Individualised education planning
  • Off-site service co-ordination
  • Small group tutoring in English
  • Study skills and time management
  • Support for parents and caregivers
  • Support in planning assignments and research projects
  • Special assessment service (Years 7 to 13 and NCEA)

The Learning Support Centre is located in Rooms 13 to 19 in the lower quad.

Learning Support Staff

Our staff are well qualified, with years of experience in supporting students on their learning journey. Together, they work to identify students with difficulties in a general or specific learning area who have high health needs, behavioural issues, hearing, vision, speech and communication difficulties – and cannot access the regular curriculum as a result.

Ms Daria Spence – Head of Department
Mrs Julia Miller – Literacy Specialist
Mrs Sarah Cronin – Literacy Tutor and Learning Coach
Mrs Maria Smidt – Teacher Aide
Mrs Andrea Roman – Teacher Aide
Miss Nikki Silk – Teacher Aide
Mrs Ann Howard – Teacher Aide
Mrs Angela McCarthy - Teacher Aide and Special Assessment Conditions
Ms Angela Gamil – Digital Specialist
Mr Mark Shaw - Teacher Aide 
Mr Justin Pickering - Teacher Aide

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