Welcome to Sacred Heart College

Making boys into courageous Marist Men.  This is our commitment. It stems from the privilege of our responsibility, and it’s something we take very seriously. For parents who seek an education for their sons outside of secular society’s values and norms, it’s our purpose to turn these words into reality.

In everything we do at Sacred Heart College, we strive to make young men of authenticity – authentic in faith, character and aspiration.

Values inspired by history

Two hundred years ago, Marcellin Champagnat, a visionary young French Priest, was captured by a courageous spirit to inspire a community of humble people with servant’s hearts. This honourable service through the Marist Brothers is the cornerstone of our school values and ethos.

Our graduates – counter-cultural, compassionate and resilient

The Sacred Heart College graduate will be counter-cultural and stare challenges in the face with resilience and excitement. His character and faith will give him the necessary courage to be a man of depth and compassion, resolve and simplicity of spirit, and excellence and humility. He will be a well-rounded man who will make a difference.

Marist Men of courage

From the beginning of Year 7, your son will be enculturated into the expectations of ‘confortare’. He’ll learn to be a Marist Man, with the courage to:

  • Seek an authentic faith
  • Aspire to personal academic excellence
  • Advocate for the vulnerable
  • Belong through full representation in co-curricular life

The Sacred Heart community

For boys, community is oxygen. At Sacred Heart College, your sons will find that community is cherished – for the strength, wholeness and blessings that come with it.

In the Heart of St Marcellin

Boarding at SHC
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Our Curriculum
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