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Walter Kirby 2022 Results

Walter Kirby 2022 Results

Congratulations to all the students who performed at the 86th Walter Kirby Music Competition, an excellent showcase of the talent we have here at Sacred Heart. 

Our winners on the evening were:

Year 7-9 Solo - Hyndman Cup
1st - Harry Shand
2nd - Theo Arcus
3rd - Louie Gueverra

Year 7-9 Group - Glynn Cup
1st - Dark Star (Patrick Mitchell, Stavro, Purdie, Niko Purdie, Oscar McGowan)
2nd - Hot Rods (Dillon Cate, Tyler Coles, Hamish Coxhead, Ollie McLauchlan, Charlie McLauchlan) 

Year 9-11 Vocal Solo - Ferens Vocal Cup
1st - Theo Arcus
2nd - Jacob Fairweather
3rd - Niko Purdie

Year 10-11 Instrumental Solo - Fisk Cup
1st - Zhen Ng
2nd - Ali Ono
3rd equal - Leo Morrison and Andres Olan

Year 12-13 Vocal Solo - Ferens Vocal Cup 
1st - Daniel Concepcion
2nd - Myles Soa
3rd - Ivan Mantes 

Year 12-13 Instrumental Solo - Spillane Cup
1st - Sam Crichton
2nd - Alexander Rhee
3rd - Leon O’Brien

Year 10-13 Group - PTA Trophy
1st - Working On It (Alexander Rhee, Lino Lino, Cameron De Kriek, Zion Shore, Ivan Mantes, Frederick Pereira, Theo Wheeler, Leo Morrison, Eduardo Mahoney)
2nd equal - Triosica (Zhen Ng, Ali Ono) and Semi Breathe (Daniel Concepcion, Lino Lino, Hugh Houghton, Virgilio Manaois) 

Year 9-13 Open Rock - Chunn Cup
1st - Live Demonstration (Jacob Fairweather, Ciaran O’Hagan, Ashton Lloyd, Felix McAuley)
2nd - 3rd Kind (Tadhg Costello, Zachary Dignan, Beno Shaw, Samuel Shaw, Rory Sims, Thomas Wade)