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Walter Kirby 2024 Results

Walter Kirby 2024 Results

Congratulations to all the students who performed at the 88th Walter Kirby Music Competition, an excellent showcase of the talent we have here at Sacred Heart. 

Our winners on the evening were:

Year 7-9 Solo - Hyndman Cup
1st - Cooper Marsden
2nd - Isaac Houghton
3rd - Giovanni Gutierrez

Year 7-9 Group - Glynn Cup
1st - Half Half (Anduin Arceo, Jack Bennett, Louis Liu & Cooper Marsden)

Year 10-11 Instrumental Solo - Fisk Cup
1st - Austin Chen
2nd - Harry Meng
3rd - Conall Scott

Year 10-11 Vocal Solo - Ferens Vocal Cup 
1st - Rod Allen
2nd - Theo Arcus
3rd - Brayden Greaves

Year 12-13 Instrumental Solo - Spillane Cup
1st - Zhen Ng
2nd - Ali Ono
3rd equal - Ming Deng & Samuel Mataele

Year 12-13 Vocal Solo - Ferens Vocal Cup
1st - Samuel Mataele
2nd - Patrick Tighe-Umbers
3rd equal - Jacob Fairweather & Zhen Ng 

Year 10-13 PTA Trophy
1st - Triosica (Samuel Mataele, Zhen Ng & Ali Ono)
2nd - Percussion Ensemble (Dillon Cate, Vin Marsden, Harley McFadden, Quan Moller, Lalith Pudota, Stavro Purdie & Toby Wheeler)
3rd - Klarnettriopo (Theo Arcus, Christian Twemlow & Zhen Ng

Chunn Cup - Open Rock
1st - The Rain (Jacob Fairweather, Ashton Lloyd, Felix McAuley, Quan Moller & Ciaran O'Hagan)
2nd - Last Minute (Kalani Campbell, Coen Dye, Ross Lopez, Flynn Molloy, Joshua Rhee & Patrick Tighe-Umbers)
3rd - Castle 53 (Cooper Marsden, Vin Marsden, Quan Moller & Jacob Fairweather)