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Walter Kirby Competition 2020

Walter Kirby Competition 2020

On 4 August, Sacred Heart College hosted the 84th annual Walter Kirby Music Competition. Once again the boys demonstrated their amazing musical abilities. This year the turnout was the largest in Walter Kirby history both in the number of students competing and in the size of the audience. Our judge this year was Mike Young.

There were a few stand out performances; Peter O’Sullivan, Jonathan Xu, Samuel Mataele and Andres Olan in particular.

A big thank you to everyone who supported us on the night.

Year 7–8 Solo – Hyndman Cup

  1. Jonathan Xu
  2. Samuel Mataele
  3. Zhen Ng

Year 7-9 ‘Treble’ Vocal Solo – Randell Cup

  1. Samuel Mataele
  2. Jasper Clay
  3. Patrick Tighe-Umbers

Year 7-9 Group – Glynn Cup

  1. Andres Olan, Lucais McRobbie, Lachie Henwood, Vili Qereqeretabua
  2. Patrick Tighe-Umbers and Samuel Mataele
  3. Angus Spring, Jacob Fairweather, Ciaran O’Hagan, Ashton Lloyd

Year 9-10 Instrumental Solo – Fisk Cup

  1. Jacob Fairweather
  2. Theo Wheeler
  3. Harvey Reiher

Year 11-13 Vocal Solo – Ferens Vocal Cup

  1. Eugene Odiaz
  2. Josiah Leaupepetele
  3. Jack Higgins

Year 11-13 Instrumental Solo – Spillane Cup

  1. Peter O’Sullivan
  2. Kieran Murphy
  3. Cyrus Choi

Year 10-13 Group – PTA Trophy

  1. The SHC Jazz Combo
  2. Ciaran Baker and Samuel Mataele
  3. Isaac Qereqeretabua, Sam Crichton, Aklex Rhee

Year 9-13 Open Rock – Chunn Cup

  1. Black, White and Brindle
  2. The Third Kind

Open Category – Brother Theophane – Song Writing Competitition

  1. Black, White and Brindle
  2. The Third Kind
  3. Eugene Odiaz

Open Category – Sam Dunningham Award for recorded music

  1. Anthony Soakai
  2. Harry Wigley
  3. Christopher Valenzuela