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Scholarship Success 2022

Scholarship Success 2022

Scholarship is New Zealand’s premier educational qualification. Successful candidates are rewarded with funding towards their university studies and it is recognised by educational institutions and employers as a symbol of intellect and work ethic. Individual scholarships are awarded to the top 3% of candidates in each subject and approximately the top 0.5% are awarded an Outstanding Scholarship. Students who gain 3 or more scholarships in a year are awarded $2000 each year for three years of tertiary study and as a College we also recognize this by inscribing their names on our Scholars’ Honours board in the Auditorium. 

Sacred Heart has a Scholarship programme for students with ability and interest in individual subjects.  Teachers identify these boys and classes are either timetabled or in lunchtimes or outside of the school day. In 2022 we have seen the introduction of more timetabled scholarship classes. Many of these students are also part of a group who are mentored individually by the Deputy Headmaster Academics, and are given other opportunities including group sessions with guest speakers.

In 2022 we were extremely pleased with our results gaining 49 scholarships overall. These results signify we have many top academic boys at a national level. Individual stand-out performances from Year 13 were, Liam Buyck with 5 scholarships, Jack Green with 3 scholarships, and Brandon Toh with 2 (1 at outstanding). From Year 12, Anthony Hawke with 6 scholarships (3 of those at outstanding), which places Anthony amongst the top scholars in the country. Other Year 12 stand-out performances include Joseph Bahoo, Matthew Curtis, Lino Lino and Cole McCarthy all achieving 2 scholarships each.

Congratulations to each and every boy who gained scholarships last year, we are extremely proud of you and know the effort that went into this success.

Thanks go to all our teachers, particularly those who ran scholarship programmes last year. Your dedication, commitment and expertise are very much appreciated.

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