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How does it feel to be back?

How does it feel to be back?

Rico McQuoid, Deputy Head Boarder, Year 13
As a Sacred Marist ManI know I speak for all of the boys when I say I’m proud to see us all return in great spirits, keen to learn, work and play even harder than before. Over the lockdown, I’m sure we’ve all found the time to bond more, reflect and cherish this time with our families and loved ones. It’s also been an opportunity and challenge to stay on top of our workloads as well as our physical activity.

Being a boarder here at the College, since returning, I have found it very strange not being able to share daily meals and prayers with all my brothers, not having our regular Thursday night Year 13 dinner with our Year 9 boarding buddies. Instead we have to have meals separately, breakfast, lunch and dinner. I know this is for good reason, but I still miss us being together and talking to the juniors. I’m pleased that some of them miss us too.

It was during this time at home I came to see how much I missed the connections that I had made with my Year 13 cohort as well as the next generation of Year 9 boarders. I feel that throughout the year, we are passing a torch from one leaving group to the new arrivals, showing them what it is to be a boarder. They know we are here for each other, we listen and resolve our problems together and we make sure all our boys are in a safe and comfortable environment. We’re a family and that’s just what families do.

This time at home under Covid, has also given me the opportunity to see how fortunate we are here in this country being able to return to some sort of normality so soon. It is great that we are free to return to our homes in the weekend and back to our home at the hostel and all that it provides. I’m grateful that we are receiving more support from our recent old boys, who assist us in our studies in the evening, helping us when we’re struggling with homework, and filling in the gaps of online learning. I thank them from all of us for giving back.

Finally, I can’t wait for the return of our sports programme, as this is an element of our College that marks us as future Kiwi men. In our final year, those traditional games and sports that we regularly play, may once more be up for grabs. Bring it on!

I am proud to live at the heart of Sacred Heart, not for too much longer but we’re going to make the most of it while it’s there.

John Faualo, Year 10
What I missed about Sacred Heart College is the brotherhood and Brother John’s Monday night communion. The brotherhood, it wasn’t the same without them, without the contact. I’m grateful to the Lord for this opportunity that has been gifted to us to come back to school and to spend time with our Sacred brothers.

Max Morgan, Year 8
Quarantine has been a really interesting experience for all of us. It’s really good to get back to school and see my mates. The thing that I missed the most was 100% the sports and not being able to kick the rugby ball around with my mates. It’s been really good to see my mates again, I missed them all. I can’t wait to be able to play on all of these fields.

Murphy McGrory, Year 7
The thing I missed the most about the College is my friends, not seeing them face to face. It’s not the same on Zoom calls.