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Welcome Back

Three weeks ago today, our country moved from Alert level 4 to level 3. Since then we have been preparing to have our boys back onsite, not knowing exactly when that would be, but believing that when they did come, they would all come. Today that preparation has come to fruition as we see a well above average of attendance of 96.8% for our Day boys and 95.5% for our Boarders.

How fantastic it has been to see the smiles on boys faces as they see their friends again, to hear the noise and chatter amongst them and feel the energy they have to be here. 

Today we held our Year Level assemblies, which will also continue tomorrow. The focus was on:

  • Welcoming our boys back
  • Reinforcing the message of looking after each other
  • Ensuring classroom engagement is high priority
  • A demonstration and presentation from our College Nurse, Mrs Tracy Norton (highly experienced in Infectious Diseases) on the importance of good hygiene and sanitising surrounding environments
  • Key reminders from their Head of Year. 

This morning our school vans collected boys from Glen Innes as the new bus systems, due to the restrictions, takes shape. We will continue to do this until it is no longer required and we are comfortable in knowing that all of our boys are able to make it to school on the buses provided. As of 3.30pm this afternoon, all of the boys catching the bus were able to do so. 

We are continuing to update our Term Calendar with events and information that have been changed. You can keep up-to-date by viewing on our website here. Please note Term 3 and 4 items are still evolving and will be updated accordingly.

In the Heart of St Marcellin

Steve Dooley