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Year 9 (2021) Prizegiving

Year 9 (2021) Prizegiving

Headmaster’s Academic Excellence Award

Daniel Doherty

The Head of Year's Cup

This cup is awarded by the Year 9 Head of Year to the student identified as outstanding in his peer group. Criteria for the Head of Year Cup is a student who:

  • contributes to the Special Character of Sacred Heart College
  • shows full commitment to his academic studies
  • is fully involved in the co-curriculum life of Sacred Heart College

The winner of the Year 9 Head of Year’s Cup for 2021 is jointly awarded to Opeti Sitani and Noah Fa’afiu.

The Brother Benignus O’Shea Cup

For Academic Excellence in Year 9 Boarder

Etikeni Helu

Academic Excellence Awards
Blake CooperExcellence in Mathematics
Daniel DohertyExcellence in Art, Chinese, English, Science and Year 10 Mathematics
Coen Dye  Excellence in English
Fraser GeorgeExcellence in Mathematics
Marko GlassExcellence in Science, Social Studies and Year 10 Mathematics
Abraham GraceExcellence in Spanish
Marcus GuerinExcellence in Social Studies
William HarrisExcellence in Science, Social Studies and Year 10 Mathematics
Etikeni HeluExcellence in Te Reo Maori
Oscar HoareExcellence in English and Social Studies
Ethan Kelly  Excellence in English and Year 10 Mathematics
Milan LiaoExcellence in Science
Felix LittlejohnExcellence in Spanish
Ross Lopez  Excellence in English and Year 10 Mathematics
Thomas MartinExcellence in Mathematics
Samuel MataeleExcellence in Music Institute
Oliver NaldaExcellence in Mathematics
Zhen Ng  Excellence in Chinese, English, Music Institute, Science and Social Studies
Kyen Ngan WooExcellence in Year 10 Mathematics
Mervyn O'ConnorExcellence in Science
Andres OlanExcellence in Music Institute
Tino Taupau-PauliExcellence in Mathematics
Kaleb RawiriExcellence in Te Reo Maori
Joshua RheeExcellence in Art
Tadha TuapolaExcellence in Art
Patrick Tighe-Umbers    Excellence in Mathematics

Confortare Awards

Confortare Awards and badges recognize students who have been nominated by their teachers for consistent effort to their studies through the 2021 year and endeavoured to achieve at a personal best.

Finnbar Cavanagh-Briggs
Daniel Doherty
Marcus Guerin
Sione Latu
Carlos Pirini
Vili Qereretabua